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At Mortgages Remortgages – Doncaster Fee Free Mortgage Advisor, your super-friendly firm with over 30 years’ experience, we have always wanted to give our clients the best ‘Mortgage Advice’ in Doncaster.

At Mortgages Remortgages – Mortgage Broker, your super-friendly firm with over 30 years’ experience, we have always wanted to give our clients the best ‘Mortgage Advice’ in Doncaster. You are our main priority, knowing that we can get you the best Remortgage deal than wherever else! Have a read of these very-handy tips that our team have created just for you.

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So, you have a current fixed-rate mortgage deal that is set to end within the next 6 months, so now is probably a good time to start looking for a new deal, right? Yes, especially if your interest rates are likely to go up between now till the end of your current rate. That’s where Mortgages Remortgages – Mortgage Broker comes in! We can offer you an insightful and brilliant Remortgage Advice.

Usually, offers for a Remortgage can only last for 3 months. Nowadays, it is much more convenient for lenders to hold offers open for 6 months. This allows you to solidify a deal in advance, as well as minimising the period of lapsing onto the standard variable rate. If you’re really organised, you might spend less than 24 hours on a standard variable rate when it comes to switch over! 

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Retention & Product Transfer

The lender you’re currently with may offer you a new deal to stay with them. Then again, they also may not. Annoyingly these “retention” or “product transfer” mortgages are often not as good as the deals offered to brand new customers. This shows that some of the larger companies, unfortunately, have no customer loyalty.

Your current mortgage provider will know that you will need to provide documentation to your new lender if you switch away. This creates the hassle of switching elsewhere, which your current lender will take advantage of. They do this by providing an easy and slick service on a very average product. Don’t be caught out with this!

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Stephen Kerrigan, our Mortgage Advisor in Doncaster will recommend that you stay where you are if the savings are minimal or non-existent. However, if you don’t shop around you will never know!

If you stick with your current lender, and not sign into any new deal, then your lender loves you, as you will be on their standard variable rate and paying back more each month.

Fast-forwarding to the future, technology may make the process of switching lenders much quicker. However, you can’t beat real people and for a little bit of hassle on the phone, speaking to a mortgage advisor in Doncaster such as, Stephen Kerrigan of Mortgages Remortgages – Mortgage Broker and sending over some documents, He can really help you save yourself a lot of money from taking his Mortgage Advice.

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