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We offer mortgage advice to help our customers with all their financing needs in Doncaster and the South Yorkshire area.

Fee Free Mortgage Broker Doncaster

No Broker Fee

Begin your journey with a Doncaster mortgage advisor and enjoy no broker fee. Receive efficient consultation and a smooth, hassle-free mortgage process.

Minimum Paperwork

Streamline your property finance process with a skilled Doncaster mortgage advisor, ensuring minimal paperwork, efficiency, and expert guidance foryour property,

Best Market Deal

Trust a Doncaster mortgage advisor for the best market deals and optimal lender offers, ideal for South Yorkshire's first-time buyers, ensuring tailored, beneficial solutions.

What Our Doncaster Mortgage Clients Says

Diane Cawood
Diane Cawood
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I would thoroughly recommend the services of Stephen. I had come across him on Google and from my 1st call with him to the end of securing my new mortgage, he offered an excellent service. Nothing was to much trouble. Excellent service, would definitely recommend
Llewellyn Davies
Llewellyn Davies
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Stephen has been a pleasure to work with. He has made things incredibly simple and broken down the costs of everything involved. No question is daft and he will go above and beyond for you. To say with the circumstances that we have. He managed to get us a good mortgage with a low fixed rate accepted. To say we were pleased is an understatement. We have already recommended Stephen to others by word of mouth. Thank you for the assistance Stephen
Franky Fisher
Franky Fisher
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Steve and his team were wonderful throughout the whole process. All my questions and concerns were answered promptly and professionally, and Steve consistently offered outstanding advice and guidance. He found me the mortgage best suited for me, and made every effort to ensure I always received the best rates. I would absolutely recommend his services, and I will personally be returning in the future. Thank you MortagesRM
Phil Owen
Phil Owen
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Steve has been amazing at getting my mortgage application through. At times we didn’t know if it would happen due to my property not meeting lenders criteria, but Steve liaised with me on how to best approach it and committed to finding out who would accept the property with lengthy phone calls to multiple lenders and getting it over the line. I couldn’t recommend a better broker. Thanks again Steve!
Ryan Pearson
Ryan Pearson
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I cannot thank Stephen enough. Our situation wasn't straightforward but his extensive knowledge and expertise proved invaluable to us. He went above and beyond and we couldn't have done it without him. I highly recommend MortgagesRM to anyone!
Karen Cowa
Karen Cowa
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Just remortgaged with Stephen karrigan I would extremely recommend you see Stephen will sort mortgages promptly and professionally the best person to know thank you so much very appreciated dealing with our morgage
Mark Sayles
Mark Sayles
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As always a pleasure to deal with, I’ve used for numerous types of mortgages for over 12yrs. Highly recommended for a stress free process, thanks a lot Steve. Mark
Ewelina Tokarczyk
Ewelina Tokarczyk
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Mr Steve arranged my first mortgage and he was absolutely above and beyond the expectation with an excellent service. Communication was promptly and informative resulting in great outcome. I appreaciate all the hard work and would highly recommend services offered.
Russell kaye
Russell kaye
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Stephen is a great guy. Great help and service, as was his team. A1, 5 star. Would highly recommend, thanks for your help ????????
Beth Downing
Beth Downing
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Steve has been absolutely incredible. I was absolutely terrified of the process of buying a house but Steve has made it so simple & easy to understand. He’s been available at any time for any questions, including making recommendations which has saved me hundreds of pounds and now an accepted mortgage. I wouldn’t be in this place without his expertise and guidance. Thank you

Mortgage Advicers in Doncaster

Open & Honest - Fee Free Broker

Welcome to MortgagesRM mortgage advisers, your hub for expert mortgage advice in Doncaster & South Yorkshire. With expert Mortgage Advice from Stephen Kerrigan on hand and flexible hours from 8am until 10pm every day, we take pride in helping you achieve your property owning dreams.

Stephen Kerrigan, our expert Doncaster mortgage broker and adviser for the Doncaster area will help you throughout your process. We search thousands of mortgage deals to find the right mortgage option for you. For over 20 years, our mortgage brokers in Doncaster have worked to help people secure the right home loan for your property.

Helping homeowners to find the best mortgage for their needs is our top priority. Whether you’re a first time buyer, looking to switch mortgages or remortgage, or thinking about investing/buying in buy-to-let properties, we can provide expert advice throughout the mortgage process, and get you to where you want to be quickly. We aim to provide guidance through your application, financial services,providing a friendly and efficient customer experience to get you into you property.

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Fee-Free local mortgage advisers in Doncaster & South Yorkshire

As an authorised and regulated Doncaster mortgage adviser, my role is to provide expert financial guidance on the available mortgage options, including suitable mortgages,remortgage, mortgage deals, and self-employed mortgages. We can also assist with fee free mortgage consultations and offer mortgage advice to first-time buyers in Doncaster & South Yorkshire area.

With our extensive knowledge of the mortgage market, we can help you navigate the complex process of securing a mortgage and ensure that you make an informed decision. Whether you are looking for advice in Doncaster or beyond, we can provide impartial mortgage advice to help you find the best deal. As a mortgage broker/adviser, we work closely with many different lenders to ensure that our clients receive the best possible service to buy their dream property.

If you would like to talk to Stephen Kerrigan, the fee free Doncaster mortgage advisor about your mortgage, please call the Doncaster branch or get in touch online.

We are open from 9 am – 5:30pm on weekdays and 9am-5pm on Saturdays, but evening appointments (after 6 pm) may be available if needed.

Mortgages Remortgages mortgage advisors branches are found in the areas of Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley and Doncaster, but we do have returning customers all over the UK.

Mortgage Advisor Doncaster
Stephen Kerrigan -Mortgage Advisor Doncaster
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What other costs do you need to be aware of?

Even though we are a FEE FREE Doncaster Mortgage Advisor there are other costs involved in moving home. It is worth remembering the additional costs, on top of your deposit and mortgage that you will be expected to pay.

You will need to pay solicitors costs, survey and valuation fees.

If your new property is over a certain value there will be stamp duty to pay.

Other costs could be removal costs, storage, site maintenance costs.

Some lenders have arrangement fees or booking fees associated with your mortgage deal.

But don’t forget! As Doncaster mortgage brokers we still do not charge you a fee as an adviser.

Contact us to find out how much these fees may be

First Time Buyer Deals

Our expert mortgage advisors have access to thousands of first time buyers deals, exclusive MortgagesRM offers included. We don’t just find you a great deal – we’ll find the best deal that meets your financial needs and even accounts for any financial surprises in the future news.

As a first time home buyer, you are new to the housing market and possibly don’t really know how the mortgage process works. Finding a suitable mortgage let alone a good financial deal can be tricky. Which is why many first time buyers seek out a mortgage broker or mortgage adviser to help find them the best mortgage deal on the market for them.

Not all mortgage advisers and mortgage brokers are fee free, we are! We offer all of our customers a fee free mortgage consultation, you don’t pay for our mortgage advice and financial services.

Help to Buy Scheme Finance

During your mortgage consultation with Stephen Kerrigan, your mortgage advisor, you will learn about the national Help to Buy program. This is for first-time homebuyers who are purchasing new homes/properties. If you use it, you may be able to purchase an even better home/property than you initially thought!

Stephen Kerrigan will help you find housing loans financed by the UK government for as low as 5% down and allow homeowners to retain 100% ownership of a home/property.

MortgagesRM’s are an experienced mortgage broker and expert advisors offering exclusive deals with hundreds of lenders which makes getting a mortgage remarkably easy.

Get in touch for honest mortgage advice FEE FREE.


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Professional Property Mortgage Advicers In Doncaster

In Doncaster, UK, at Mortgages Remortgages, our mortgage brokers and advisers advocate professional advice for securing suitable mortgages or managing the remortgage process. Our authorized, reliable team of mortgage advisers prioritizes client interests, ensuring top mortgage advice and rates.

Understanding the stress of buying or remortgaging a house, our staff provide constant updates and responsive service. Specializing in various mortgage aspects for first-time buyers and the self-employed, we offer a spectrum of mortgage deals for diverse circumstances, insurance, and incomes.

We take pride in delivering excellent service. Our expert Doncaster advisers offer personalized advice for affordable repayments and insurance cover against unexpected income changes.

Recognizing most people’s need for mortgages to purchase properties, we advise clients throughout their mortgage journey. Committed to answering queries and easing application stress, our team ensures a smooth mortgage process for your property. Our post-completion support establishes us as premier Doncaster mortgage brokers.

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Our Services

Fast & Bespoke Mortgage Advicers & Brokers in Doncaster

We love helping all our customers, especially the ones who really need Mortgage Advice – It’s not just finding a mortgage; it’s a tailored journey. Your Doncaster mortgage advisor guides you through the entire process, ensuring a seamless, supportive experience.

First Time Property Buyer In Doncaster

Buying your first home can be a little bit daunting, but we’re here to help with all the challenges of finding your perfect place as a first time buyers.

Remortgages Finance in Doncaster

In Doncaster, seeking a better mortgage? Consult a Mortgage Advisor for seamless remortgaging and first-time buyer guidance.

Moving Home Experts In Doncaster

Considering a property sale and new home in Doncaster? Consult a Mortgage Advisor for accurate budgeting and financial planning for your move.

Buy-to-Let Experts In Doncaster

For those investing in residential and rental property in Doncaster, consulting a Mortgage Advisor can reveal popular mortgage options.

Call our Doncaster Office today!

To speak with a mortgage advisor, book your FREE mortgage appointment online or give us a call.

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Take the Stress out of Moving House In Doncaster,UK !

Moving house/property can be one of the most stressful times in your life. 

You have to prepare your house, show potential buyers around your house, find a new house, pack your belonging, arrange removal companies and much more. All of this while still running a house, working and possibly with children to take care of too. 

Our expert mortgage advisors will help take some of the stress away by taking care of your application and all of the paperwork involved with buying and selling a house. We will give you help and guidance throughout the application process with no extra fee.

At Mortgages Remortgages, our Doncaster mortgage adviser provides essential advice for a stress-free process.

Seeking a mortgage broker in Doncaster or the UK? Mortgages Remortgages excels in efficient mortgage searches, delivering a personal, caring service. Our dedicated Doncaster mortgage advisers team is available for all inquiries, supporting you throughout your mortgage journey. Book an appointment with us today to explore how we can assist in your mortgage quest

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It's easy to switch mortgages with us?!

Most big banks and a few other institutions offer buy-to-let mortgages. You should inquire about a buy-to-let mortgage with your local broker. They will be able to determine the best fit for you before applying.

We don’t do just mortgages either. We can help with your insurance needs too. Ask us for more information.

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Frequently Asked Mortgage Questions For Our Mortgage Adviers

A minimum deposit is required for purchasing a property in Doncaster. High street lenders typically require a 5% deposit. A higher deposit may be required if you have had credit problems in the past.

Yes, however, you must submit at least one year’s worth of accounts. To compute the maximum mortgage, most lenders in Doncaster use your salary and dividend, while others may use your net profit.

If you’re self-employed in Doncaster and seeking a mortgage, consulting with a mortgage adviser is crucial. Doncaster’s mortgage advisers understand how mortgage lenders review income, using your tax returns from financial services. A mortgage broker in South Yorkshire can navigate mortgage deals, ensuring your mortgage application is strong. Mortgage brokers in Doncaster, adept in financial conduct authority regulations, can help with remortgage or buy-to-let mortgage options for Doncaster property. Engaging with Doncaster mortgage advisors improves mortgage approval chances, as they specialize in self-employed mortgage circumstances. Mortgage advice in Doncaster is tailored for self-employed first-time buyers or those remortgaging in the UK’s property market.

Second mortgages are possible. This includes debt consolidation and home improvements. A second mortgage can also be obtained on a second property, but only if it is for the owner’s personal use, a family member’s use, a holiday home or a rental property.

Obtaining a second mortgage in Doncaster is possible. Engage with a Doncaster mortgage adviser or broker who understands second property financing, including buy-to-let and remortgage options, to navigate mortgage lenders’ requirements for additional property purchases in the UK.

It will take about an hour for our free consultation in Doncaster. Upon completion of your consultation, we can arrange an agreement in principle for you in about 24 hours. A formal offer takes about three weeks.
The mortgage process duration can vary, often taking several weeks.

In Doncaster, mortgage advisers or brokers facilitate a smoother process with lenders, potentially expediting your mortgage application for property financing or remortgaging in the UK’s housing market.

You must provide three payslips to prove your income if you are an employee. You will need to supply the latest 2 years’ accounts if you are self-employed in Doncaster. Additionally, you must provide proof of identity, address, and three months of bank statements.

To proceed with a mortgage in Doncaster, brokers typically require proof of income, ID, bank statements, and credit history. These documents help brokers assess your application and find suitable lenders for your property financing needs.

An Agreement in Principle (AIP), or Decision in Principle (DIP), typically holds validity for 30 to 90 days in the UK, crucial for the mortgage process in Doncaster. This AIP period aids in Doncaster’s property hunt, indicating your mortgage borrowing capacity. Consulting a Doncaster mortgage adviser or lender is recommended for AIP specifics. Remember, an AIP isn’t a guaranteed mortgage but shows potential mortgage amount in the UK’s property market.

Securing a mortgage with bad credit in Doncaster, UK, is feasible. Doncaster lenders often consider mortgage applications from individuals with bad credit. A higher deposit, like 15% of the purchase price, shows mortgage affordability. In Doncaster, our mortgage advisers offer advice on bad credit mortgages. Various Doncaster lenders have different criteria for bad credit mortgages, so consulting a mortgage adviser is crucial. They guide you through the UK mortgage market, helping find suitable lenders for your bad credit mortgage needs.

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Mortgage Broker Experts In Doncaster, UK

We cover Doncaster and surrounding areas. The English county of South Yorkshire includes the town of Doncaster. It is the administrative hub of the larger Metropolitan Borough of Doncaster and is named after the River Don. It is South Yorkshire’s second-largest town after Sheffield, with whom it shares the international Doncaster Sheffield Airport, located 10 kilometres to the southeast. Doncaster, a significant regional town with crucial transportation connections and fun attractions, was established by the Romans. Additionally, it has a market. The second-biggest city in South Yorkshire, Doncaster is also the largest metropolitan region in England. The growth of coal mining significantly boosted Doncaster’s population. Following the 1970s and early 1980s’ economic challenges from coal mine closures, the town’s service industry flourished, aided by robust communication links with the rest of the UK.

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Sandall Park Doncaster

Sandall Park

Doncaster Racecourse

Doncaster Racecourse

Potteric Carr Nature Reserve Doncaster

Potteric Carr Nature Reserve