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Are you thinking of buying a new build property? We can help advise you on choosing the right mortgage when buying a new build home.

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New Build Mortgage Advice.

Whether you are a first time buyer or a homeowner moving house and purchasing a new build property, we can advise you and help you search the mortgage market to find the best deal for you.

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There are many advantage to buying a new build home, but getting a new build mortgage can sometimes be a bit more complicated. We can advise you of any issues you may come across when buying a new build property.

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Timescales for Getting a New Build Mortgage

Developers often operate under strict deadlines, and you might only have 28 days to make an exchange after you’ve made a deposit.

One of the reasons getting a new build mortgage can be difficult is because many lenders cannot complete a mortgage offer in this timescale. Therefore we always advise you to search for deals and secure an offer prior to looking for a new build home. Using a mortgage advisor can help you in this process.

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How much Deposit do I need for a New Build Mortgage?

A mortgage lender can sometimes be a a liitle more strict when lending on a new build mortgage, this is due to new build properties devaluing in the first few years.

Lenders tend to loan less for a new build flat than a new build house. We typically find that the LTV on a new build flat is around 75% which would mean you would need a deposit of 25%. Whereas with a new build house they are lending up to 85% LTV meaning you would need a 15% deposit.

Bare this in mind when you are viewing new build homes, you may be better opting for a house rather than a flat if you do not have a large deposit saved and you can afford the cost of a hourse over a flat.

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Stephen Kerrigan, our Fee Free Mortgage Advisor will calculate the max amount you can borrow based on your personal circumstances. He’ll explain the purchase process and answer any questions you have in a clear manner.

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Buying your first home can be a little bit daunting, but we’re here to help with all the challenges of finding your perfect place.


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Thinking of selling your existing property and moving to a new home? It’s important that you try and budget accurately. 

New Build Mortgages

Are you thinking of buying a new build home and need to get a mortgage offer quickly to secure your new home?

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Do you or your partner have a bad credit history and think you may struggle to obtain a mortgage?

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Self Employed and looking for a mortgages? We can help you with any questions you may have.


This can be one of the popular mortgage options available for those wishing to invest in residential & rental property.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, many new build properties are eligible for government schemes like Help to Buy, which can help buyers with smaller deposits access these mortgages.

Interest rates for new build mortgages can be different from standard mortgages. They might be higher due to the perceived increased risk associated with new constructions.

A new build property is subject to more difficult mortgage lender requirements.

For a mortgage on a newly constructed home, you can pay a higher interest rate. This is because the likelihood that the property’s value may decline in the early years makes lenders view these mortgages as riskier.

Within about a month of receiving your reservation fee, the builder will want to see documentation of your mortgage offer. When it comes to applying for your mortgage, keep in mind that a mortgage offer is typically only good for three to six months.

New builds have many advantages over older homes. One of which is reduced energy bills. They are very well insulated and hold heat much better than older properties. They also have all new boilers, windows and appliances which all come with warranties in case of breakdowns.

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