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How to sell your House fast this Winter

MortgagesRM - Sell your House this Winter

What’s the most amazing present for Christmas? A new home for the whole family, but the gloomy and cold weather do not mix well with selling, and with property sales plunging in the winter months, there’s no wonder it drops to around 10,000 from November – January alone.

Winter can be a really difficult time to make a sale, with the gloomy weather, people’s reluctance to move house during the colder, shorter days, and even buyers and estate agents taking time off for Christmas.”

Usually, things tend to pick up within the new year as most people will want a fresh and new start, but if you’re struggling, hopefully these tips can help you along the way of the selling process. You can contact Stephen Kerrigan for more help and information here on 01302 361361.

There is always some minor, nagging defects in their home which they are putting off fixing. While you might write them off as a minor nuisance, to a potential buyer they could be quite off putting.

MortgagesRM advises spending a bit of time fixing those flaws – whether they are shaky windows, drilled holes left in the wall or flaking paintwork.

Stephen says: “They might just feel like tiny inconveniences while living there, but to potential buyers, these represent yet another job to do after the ordeal of moving house.”

Don’t be too Overpowering

It might be tempting to make your home seem more attractive by spraying scents, or using diffusers but these can sometimes be overpowering. Not all these smells are to everyone’s taste. Instead for neutral or subtle scents or use natural smells by baking cookies.

Kerrigan said: “Baking sweet treats like biscuits, or perhaps mince pies as it near Christmas, leaves a homely smell that will give viewers positive thoughts towards your house, and leaving pastries out on the side for people to help themselves will help viewers feel welcome.”

Winter doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom, embrace it! One of the best things is walking in from the cold to the warmth of the cosy indoors. So, use this to your advantage… Make sure your home is inviting and warm for viewers, include warm lighting, knitted throws on the sofa and have the fire turned on to create the perfect, cosy atmosphere. However, be careful on the temperature, making the property too hot can make it uncomfortable.

Natural Lighting when it comes to winter is short, but there are always ideas to maximise the light you have available. Keep all blinds and curtains open during daylight viewings to let as much light in as possible and use lamps and ceiling lights to brighten up darker spaces. A well-lit room feels bigger and more inviting, and makes people more likely to associate positive feelings with the house.

A Gardeners World, is a Happy World

You will most certainly boost the appeal of your property by giving the garden a tidy. This will enable buyers to see the potential for the warmer months. If it’s snowing or icy, clear the path and driveway to ensure it’s not slippery. If you have Pets, as much as they’re cute and cuddly, some people can be put off my pets. We suggest that sellers keep their pets elsewhere during the viewings and also vacuum any stray hairs to ensure there’s no risk of triggering allergies.

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