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Stephen Kerrigan, Doncaster Fee Free Mortgage Advisor says: “Are you Mortgage Ready?”

The Potential buyers are all alerted much earlier now due to the releases of such popular apps and sites, Rightmove and Zoopla. There’s little waiting around for the weekly local ‘Property Guide’ to come out these days! However, it is incredibly likely that if you’re viewing a new build property, you will end up in a competition with other potential buyers or First-Time Buyers.

How to Secure your Property?

As a Mortgage Advisor, the perfect way to do get “Mortgage Ready” is making sure your mortgage is agreed in principle, which is read to be made into an offer. An Agreement of Principle is when your mortgage application has been pre-approved and credit scored by the Lender that MortgagesRM recommends you. Once you have this document in hand, any Estate Agent in Doncaster will know you are in a great position to proceed and will be able to communicate this to the seller. You’ll only be behind a cash buyer in the pecking order.

Is getting ‘Mortgage Ready’ a great idea?

We’ll need to take some initial information about you, in order to obtain an AIP on your behalf. Then we’ll guide you through the varying options available to your situation, before recommending the appropriate mortgage.

If in the next 12 months you’re in the market for buying a property, it might be time to talk with a Mortgage Advisor. We can give you hints and tips on such matters as;

“How much you can borrow, how much deposit you might need early on, etc.”  So, you know exactly what you need to be doing to put yourself in the best position.

Speaking with us Early on will also give you an Insight

Contacting on of the credit reference agencies can also be a good idea, you can then see how your score is and what you can be doing to improve things. Speaking with us early on will also give you an insight into what kind of documents you will actually need to produce when the time is finally due to apply for your mortgage. We can also give you advice on what Lenders are looking for on your bank statements, for example exceeding your overdraft limit. If you are struggling to get a mortgage, you can contact Stephen Kerrigan of MortgagesRM – Doncaster Fee Free Mortgage Advisor on 01302 361 361 or you can email at

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