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Things to Consider for First Time Buyers

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Buying your first home is an exciting and scary time in any young person’s life. However, if you remain realistic, do your research and follow these key guidelines, the process to buying your first home will seem less daunting. 

What can you afford? Is this house within our budget? These are the type of questions being asked everyday. Us at Mortgages Remortgages will help you to complete a detailed and Expenditure form. This will be used to outline your options. 

Consider the additional services you may require and the fees you will need to pay; for example, Stamp Duty Tax/Transaction Tax, Conveyancing and arranging fees. Mortgages Remortgages will discuss this with you. 

‘Be Flexible’ about the type of home you want and the location on where the property is. Make sure that you THINK about the repercussions on your expenses and budget – including purchase costs, travel and insurances. 

What is most important to you in terms of Location? Is School, shops and work your main priority? How might your needs change over time? Make sure that you THINK these things over before choosing your ideal location. 

Bear in mind that you may want to sell one day, so take a long-term view in terms of your property. 

Investigate other purchase options such as property auctions. Auctions may provide the opportunity to acquire property below market value. However, it is sensible to have a survey carried out and finance agreed before the auction. Buyers should also be fully aware of the terms and conditions of the auction before bidding! 

Need Help to get a Mortgage?

Only you can decide if you choose to ask for Financial help. It might be that someone close to you such as a Family member, or a friend could help with the deposit or act as the guarantor. 

Want advice? Click the link below for the Best Advice for a Gifted Mortgage. 

Before you make an offer on a property, get some advice on what approach to take. Mortgages Remortgages can give you the best tips on how to get the best price and what things to consider. Remember, Mortgages Remortgages are here to help you every step of the way; ask as many questions as you want. 


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