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As a homeowner, it will come to a certain point in time where your Mortgage will be coming to an end, and this is where people like yourself will start to look towards a possible Remortgage for their home. However, we often realise that they get in touch three months before the current mortgage deal ends, which means they could face with numerous obstacles that may stop or slow down the remortgaging process.

Remortgaging is a great way to improve your financial situation by giving you the option to consolidate any short-term debts. Whether it’s to release equity, to get better rates, find an affordable deal, or even change lender. Whatever your options are, we’ll always do our best to ensure the process is quicker and smoother than the first time.

Avoiding the ‘Property Chain’

When the time comes to Remortgage, you can usually avoid the “property chain” as you already own the house this time around. However, we will do our best to ensure that your Remortgage process is smooth and quick, even if you decided to leave your current deal early.

Reasons for a Remortgage

Marital Changes, Better Mortgage Rates, debt consolidation, fixed rates, even removing a name from a mortgage in Doncaster, these are just a few examples of why people may choose to Remortgage. If there’s something we may have missed, give us a call and we can get our Mortgage Advisor, Stephen Kerrigan to help you.

Stephen Kerrigan can help homeowners with impartial advice on what the best option is for you based on your own set of unique requirements and circumstances.

The Remortgaging Process

Remortgaging is very similar to getting a mortgage, so don’t panic if you feel that this may be just as scary than the first time. The process is actually slightly more straightforward, but you still need to get a valuation, as well as hiring a solicitor who will transfer the deeds from one financial institution to the other.

You will however, need to make sure you have the right supporting documentation, and you will also be subject to the same checks as a standard mortgage application, such as an affordability assessment and credit check.

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