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Getting the best market deal, also find the best deal from your current lender.

Professional Fee Free Mortgage Advice in York

Welcome to MortgagesRM, your one-stop shop for professional mortgage advice. We take pride in being able to help you achieving your dream of owning a home.  We have extensive knowledge of the mortgage market and flexible hours to help you find the right mortgage deal.

Throughout the application process, Stephen Kerrigan, our mortgage broker for the York region, will work with you. To locate the best mortgage deal for you, we look through thousands of mortgage offers and search many different mortgage lenders. Our mortgage advisor Stephen has been assisting clients in finding the ideal mortgage for more than 30 years.

Our first priority is assisting homeowners in locating the mortgage that best suits their needs. We can offer professional guidance throughout the mortgage process, whether you’re a first-time buyer, looking to switch mortgages, or considering investing in buy-to-let homes.

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Mortgage Advisor in York

Are you searching new mortgage deals but are unsure where to look? Utilising a mortgage broker with market knowledge will guarantee you obtain the best deal and result in long-term financial savings.

Whether you are looking for first time buyer mortgages, self employed mortgages, or buy to let mortgages we can offer independent mortgage advice tailored to your personal circumstances.

Call us or contact us online to speak with Stephen Kerrigan, the fee free mortgage advisor, about your mortgage.

On weekdays, we are open from 9 am to 5:30 pm, and on Saturdays, we are open from 9 am to 5 pm. However, late appointments (beyond 6 pm) can be arranged upon request.

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Costs when getting a Mortgage

Remember, although we are FEE FREE, there are other costs when you purchase a house beyond us. On top of your deposit and mortgage there are the below costs to factor into your savings or budget.

Get in touch with our York mortgage advisors and we can give you an idea of how much these fees may be

We have access to thousands of first-time buyer deals, including special MortgagesRM deals that are exclusive to us as a mortgage broker. We won’t just find you a great deal; we’ll hunt for the best offer from mortgage lenders that meets your requirements and even allows for any future surprises.

Your mortgage advisor, Stephen Kerrigan, will talk about the Help to Buy scheme with you if this is a good option for you. This is for first-time homebuyers who are buying a property that is a new build. It might enable you to purchase a house that exceeds your first expectations!

You can get a mortgage from Stephen Kerrigan that needs as little as 5% deposit and let homeowners keep 100% of their property.

Our knowledgeable mortgage advisor has over 30 years experience and access to special deals with hundreds of mortgage lenders so we a sure to find you a great deal!

FEE FREE Mortgage Brokers in York

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Professional Mortgage Advice in York

We enjoy helping all of our clients, especially those that truly require York Mortgage Advice because getting the right advice goes beyond simply securing a mortgage. We will walk with you the entire way; it’s about the journey!

First Time Buyer

Buying your first home can be a little bit daunting, but we’re here to help with all the challenges of finding your perfect place.


Looking for a better mortgage deal? The process is often not as easy as it first appears.

Moving Home

Thinking of selling your existing property and moving to a new home? It’s important that you try and budget accurately. 


This can be one of the popular mortgage options available for those wishing to invest in residential & rental property.

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Take the Stress out of Moving Home!

Moving house can be one of the most stressful times in your life.

Our professional team will help take some of the stress away by taking care of your application We will provide help and guidance throughout the whole process.

Talk to our independent mortgage advisors today.

One of the most stressful periods in your life may be when you move house.

By handling your application and the paperwork for you, our qualified team will assist to help reduce some of the stress. We will help and direct you at every step of the way.

Speak to one of our mortgage advisors today.

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What Types of Mortgages do we Offer?

What type of mortgage do you need? First Time Buyer Mortgage? Buy to Let?

It's easy to switch mortgages with us!?

Thinking of remortgaging? Want to find the best deal from the best mortgage lenders? Switch your mortgage with us and have access to the best mortgage advice.


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Frequently Asked Questions

A minimum deposit is required for purchasing a property in Doncaster. High street lenders typically require a 5% deposit. A higher deposit may be required if you have had credit problems in the past.

Yes, however, you must submit at least one year’s worth of accounts. To compute the maximum mortgage, most lenders in Doncaster use your salary and dividend, while others may use your net profit.

Second mortgages are possible. This includes debt consolidation and home improvements. A second mortgage can also be obtained on a second property, but only if it is for the owner’s personal use, a family member’s use, a holiday home or a rental property.

It will take about an hour for our free mortgage consultation in Doncaster. Upon completion of your consultation, we can arrange an agreement in principle for you in about 24 hours. A formal offer takes about three weeks.

You must provide three payslips to prove your income if you are an employee. You will need to supply the latest 2 years’ accounts if you are self-employed in Doncaster. Additionally, you must provide proof of identity, address, and three months of bank statements.

An agreement in principle typically lasts between 30 and 90 days, but it can vary based on your lender. It is quite simple to renew an agreement in principle if it expires.

You can do it, but it will be harder. By putting down a higher deposit, perhaps 10% or 15% of the purchase price, you can demonstrate that you can afford a mortgage.

You can do it, but it will be harder. By putting down a higher deposit, perhaps 10% or 15% of the purchase price, you can demonstrate that you can afford a mortgage.

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