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Stephen Kerrigan, our mortgage expert from Doncaster has provided tips for getting a mortgage to buy a home.

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So are you buying a house in Doncaster? Here are the top places to look for… 

Where to live in Doncaster?

With places to visit including the great new Wool Market, a place that is no longer for wool but is a vibrant and trendy place for everyone to enjoy, and we mean everyone! Located near the famous Doncaster Market it is the place to visit in Doncaster right now, Food, drink, live entertainment and much more. Don’t take our word for it though, check it out for yourself.

The small market town of Bawtry, on the border of Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire, the village was once called the “Gateway to the North”, and it is the home to array of delicious restaurants, such as China Rose, the best place for that chinese delicacy. Bawtry is also home of the famous Crown Hotel, the ideal place to bump into a Celebrity. This little village then is home to a number of modern developments and upmarket houses.

Tickhill, is a tiny village sat between Bawtry and Doncaster, it is home to a number of different properties that range from traditional cottages to huge modern homes. it is Famous for being the birthplace of world-known petrol head presenter, Jeremy Clarkson. There is also a long high street and two primary schools serving the town.

Sprotbrough is great for families. With great schools and access to the A1,  the River Don and the canel. Not only that, but there are three large parks and a Nature Reserve that is perfect for walking. There are also plenty of food and drink options, with five pubs in the area, our favorite is Ottos

Famous for the iconic Doncaster Sheffield International Airport, the beautiful village of Finningley is only 20 minutes from the town centre and home to one of the best garden centers in the area, Walkers Nurseries. There is a pub there and a gastro pub on the road out of town. Amenities come in the form of a post office but Bawtry and Harworth offer bigger stores.

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Are you a First-time buyer?

Bennetthorpe and Town Moor, located near the iconic Doncaster Racecourse, are both popular with first-time buyers. with to a mix of affordable housing and numerous new property developments, there are plenty of properties here for a great price. Did you know? That the area is 10 minutes away from a huge ASDA Supermaket, mulitiplex cinema, and now the home of a brand new restaurants, the Hertern Triangle.

Wheatley and Wheatley Hills, known for highend shops and sports facilities, are a couple of other good spots for First-Time buyers looking for their first home. Close to the M18, it has a Golf Club, Sports Club and the well-liked Sandall Park. The Wheatley area is also in close proximity to Doncaster Town centre and Doncaster Royal Infirmary.

Also popular with first-time buyers, Balby is a suburb to the south-west that borders the new Woodfield Plantation development. Known to many as the location to the fan-favourite sitcom “Open All Hours” starring David Jason. Balby is close to the Lakeside Village retail park, about 10 minutes away by car, home of the best retailers in the Business, such as M&S, NEXT, and Cadbury’s. The Suburb has a mixture of housing that is both affordable and with positive yields. 

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What if I want to Invest in a Property?

With a train station for easy transport links towards Doncaster, Leeds, and Wakefield, Bentley is the largest village in Doncaster and lies on the heart of the River Don. From hidden gems to large end terraces to flats, there are a number of different properties on offer and it is popular with tenants.

Doncaster is a large place and is thriving to be the best town it can be! There are quite a few areas not mentioned in the list like Auckley, Edenthorpe, Hexthorpe and Cusworth – all fanstatic places to live and the best life possible.

Doncaster is evergrowing every opportunity.

Why is it important to get Mortgage Advice in Doncaster?

Many people in Doncaster only arrange a mortgage every few years where as Mortgage Brokers are working with Lenders on behalf of clients day in day out. As such we know which Lenders can process your mortgage application offering both the best competitive interest rate and avoiding long delays in processing it, we are proud to be one of the top mortgage advisors doncaster 

The three main adventages in seeking out Mortgage Advice in Doncaster are the following: 

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The best thing you can do is talk to Mortgages Remortgages – Mortgage Broker BEFORE you have found a new home. That way you will know that you can borrow enough to be able to proceed and, even more importantly, that you can afford the mortgage payments now and in the future.

There’s a lot to organise what with the legal aspects of the purchase, packing, dealing with Estate Agents etc. and the feedback we get regularly from clients is that they were glad to have Mortgages Remortgages on their side right the way through the process. 

Buying a property in Doncaster – Locations
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